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November 16, 2006



It must be sort of weird transitioning between Virginia (where "the past isn't dead, it really isn't even past") and California, where the past is mostly forgotten.


Indeed, Sam; growing up the son of an Austrian-born, ethnically Jewish war refugee who grew up in Berkshire before moving to California also had an interesting impact!

But though Virginia is pretty, and England is a joy, and Vienna in the spring is, well, Vienna in the spring, I'm a California boy to my core.

Daniel M. Laenker

I think that's a poignant statement about Virginia, and there really isn't anything truer about my state. Everyone in Richmond (or Charlottesville, or Fredericksburg, or Portsmouth) complains about how much better the thing was that something replaced, even if they couldn't have possibly been born to remember the original. Your perspective varies upon the breadth, depth, and particular incarnate position of your historical memory, but it is always presumed it exists.

That said, ahistorical regions in Virginia do exist. Virginia Beach is one, and Fairfax is raring to become another.

Jonathan Dresner

The Austin Lounge Lizards have a hilarious song riffing on the "twice named" southwestern thing.

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