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November 09, 2006


John Remy

I fell in love with the poem after hearing an old recording of Yeats reading it.

Erin C.

There's also a beautiful sung version on new age artist Bill Douglas's album Cantilena.


i'm sorry if this sounds morbid - i don't mean it in that sense - but i have a strong sense that i will read this poem at my father's funeral one day. i passed it along to him while studying irish lit in college, and having grown up on a lake himself, he has really taken a liking to it.

i think part of him just likes knowing a poem by a dead irish writer, but that's ok too :)

anyway, nice choice...


It's one of my favorite poems as well.

My brother killed himself three weeks ago. At the funeral I could not read the poem. I was too angry to talk of peace. But the Thirty (Jewish custom- 30 days after the burial the family goes back to the grave and the headstone is uncovered) is coming up, and I hope to be able to translate it into Hebrew and read it then.

My brother deserves the peace he so desperately wanted. And so do we.

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