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November 27, 2006


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Women in South Carolina are still fighting for their rights. It is legal for a pharmacist to refuse to fill a woman’s birth control PRESCRIPTION if she is not married. Legislators are trying to completely ban birth control for the entire state. We have to continue fighting for our rights! The New Morning Foundation in Columbia, SC is looking for supporters. We have a Virtual March occurring on March 23. We need you to sign-up. If you sign-up you will not be subjected to mass e-mails. On March 23, our organization would send a preformatted e-mail telling legislators that we want our rights to birth control. All you have to do is press a button and help change the history of the state of South Carolina.

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Don't see too many Ana-baptists around these days. Interesting comments here. I am interested


I agree with the previous post.


At first I wanted to root for the Dutch, but after the first of their rudeness - the impact on the legs, they are still pretty and I was rooting for the Spaniards. Both teams showed rudeness, but hit in the chest Spaniard boots with studs - at all in any gate.

It seems that the Dutch, their coach, deliberately placed a bet on the super-tough game, like a little intimidated the Spaniards, to break their will

Is not it the judges to provide at least what some cell phone with a large screen so they could watch replays directly to the field and make decisions more objectively, and without wasting time?

Forlan - the best football player - announced

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Yes the facts are solid.

Men are more than women more likely to swing a bat, grab a gun, smack a child, rape,

steal, lie and all the while depend on us to be mother and bandage.

It's easy to be annoyed, well darned angry really, but it does no sister any good.

We joined as the heralded of what is real and we know only the boundaries we set.

Truth be said let them whinge and shriek at the counters of the abortion doors and let

them rip our date rape posters down.

The sea always wins against a volcano and the minds of the oppressors become jogged from

dissonance when what's right presses on regardless.

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