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November 13, 2006


Stephen Frug

Thanks for the link, Hugo. Glad you liked the post.


"My beloved Golden Bears were, alas, upset by Arizona."

And they will lose again to USC. :-)

"Two local high school rivalries I follow (Pasadena vs. John Muir and Hoover vs. Glendale) were both played, and neither went my way."

WHAT!?!? You wanted MUIR to lose!?! Outrageous!! :-)


Terry, you may be right about 'SC. I rooted for Glendale and Pasadena because they are the underdogs in these two rivalries. I also don't have any Muir Mustangs in my youth group this year; I do have a number of Pasadena Bulldogs. It varies from year to year enormously.

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Jeg rødder for Glendale og Pasadena, fordi de er underdogs i disse to rivalisering. Jeg har heller ikke nogen Muir Mustangs i min ungdom gruppe i år.

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