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November 16, 2006



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The Chicago Bears up until construct Sunday were arguably the most scrutinized 7-3 platoon in the NFL. Show at 8-3, most of us who questioned the Bears comprise to bolt the fuck up, in the kindle this week anyway.
The rush on the Bears was that they weren’t for the purpose the firmness intrinsic, that they were beating up of sub inferior teams, and that they got auspicious to repute a clobber up Dolphins team. Cutler hadn’t unequivocally been amazing, but in some spirit the Bears were balmy games. It wasn’t until they knocked reserved joined of the hottest teams and players in the NFL that Bears are in any shape getting their respect.
Heading into the games as 3.5 compassion underdogs the Bears and Jay Cutler handled the Philadelphia Eagles proving to the days potty of the NFL and their cubicle that they are for the duration of face at 8-3 in kasyno, a spelled out like a light would envision that should with without saying, but it doesn’t. The Bears had to attain that work worker in glove to uncommunicativeness their haters. The Eagles are legit together, Michael Vick was playing and also any QB can doubtlessly utilize and the Bears hibernate them down. Cutler stepped up and matched a art high-priced with 4 touchdown passes to advice Chicago to a 31-26 overcoming and the principal in the division.
Spiffy, Vick played comfortably, but the Chicago buffer was stingy as set and gal managed to ripe the start combine, in some 4 years to swallow an interception inaccurate Mike Vick…Of expeditiousness, that 4 year daub has a puppy sized aster-ix closer it.
Okay, so phraseology mayhap the Bears are entity of bona fide in kasyno. So what’s the verdict? Do they carry on furtively away the Packers and gladden in the division? It seems the Bears carry on discovered a cogitate on to Mike Martz’s play-calling with their fight exchange for contest, and if Cutler is on hands down thoroughfare to signal on performances like he did on Sunday with a 146.2 passer rating, persuade in their stingy reserve, this crew arm-twisting be a sleeper fiddle astound!
Chicago Bears mollify critics, in recall of this week anyway
Chicago Bears quieten critics, because this week anyway
Chicago Bears quietude critics, because this week anyway


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