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October 26, 2006


The Chief

Oh yeah, Boomerang's a good choice. They frequently rerun the much missed, gone-but-not-forgotten "Justice League." Teach those chins about Truth, Justice and the American Way (season 3 came out on DVD Tuesday). And when you think they're finally ready for Adult Swim, "The Venture Bros." is the single funniest thing on TV, bar none.


The new chin is a cutie. Thanks for posting the picture. There is nothing like something round and fuzzy with big ears to perk up my day. How do you handle vacation with chins. Are they OK with sitters? How often does the sitter need to come. How do they adjust to being in someone else's house. My daughter and I recently had someone elses cat while she was gone for two weeks. The cat adjusted immediately but I suspect that is unusual.


Matilde adjusted fine to sitters, but the sitters needed to be there every night. We would never leave a chin alone overnight. Matilde came out twice a day, Chihiro (so far) wants once a day. Chins get attached to humans, but are not -- generally -- like dogs in the sense that they will mope for specific owners.

Chief, Justice League is very fine.


You bought them a television?

She is very adorable.


A small, 13 inch Sharp TV for the chinnie room, set permanently to Boomerang...

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Thanks, I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

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