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October 30, 2006



I'm not so sure that pinching nickels and dimes for sodas at a prep school qualifies as bona fides for many kids in 2006.

Russell Arben Fox

The closest I've come to anything like this was when I was fired from our daily university newspaper--on the eve of Election Day 2002, no less, and I was political editor too--when it was discovered that I was also working under an assumed name for the local underground weekly as well, and had made use of university property--stuff from the news room, etc.--to produce and distribute our little rabble-rousing production. It was a silly thing to be fired for, but then, I knew the rules and had broken them anyway (the underground paper was officially banned on our campus). For a while I tried to milk the incident for some serious bad boy bona fides, but in time I came to realize that the whole affair was really rather pathetic: a punk kid thinking he was "taking a stand" by breaking a bunch of stupid rules. Mostly what I did was just create a headache for our long-suffering faculty advisor.


Oh, the stealing quarters isn't what establishes the bona fides -- it's the shame of getting kicked out of prep school in a small town.


Russell, you rascal; though it isn't possible for you to rise higher in my estimation, the story makes me happy.


It's obvious that you didn't belong at a prep school. Neither did my son. I sent him to a small, nonprofit, "gifted" school where "dangerous thinking" was valued.
Glad that you survived the experience and lived to tell the tale. LOL!

Russell Arben Fox

I'm delighted to having risen even higher in your eyes, Hugo. Though I must correct a mistake in my previous post: it was the eve of Election Day, 1992, not 2002, when I was thrown out of the campus newsroom. I'm no longer 23, thanks very much.

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