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October 12, 2006



Ya know, I remember someone once said that you are, "Paid to be a feminist." Or something like that. That pissed me off. Thats like saying someone who teaches theology is paid to be a Christian. But anyway, I wonder if Bitch Lab knows that you make your students address your position outside the classroom (tell three people that we're taking a class on feminism by a white, straight male). I certainly got some interesting reactions. I think you recieve undeserved criticism. Anyone who has taken your class knows that you can change lives!

Bitch | Lab

no no no. The women of color community and allies have declared it "take a break from feminism" week for reasons I think you should dedicate a post to elaborating on your own. How 'bout it? In support of feminists of color, it would be wonderful if you could explain the issues to your devotees, students, and I'm not sure what to call the critics who hand out here. :p Tx.

Douglas, Friend of Osho

Gosh, Hugo, I'm sorry to see it's not paying to be polite in this instance. You know of course, that there will always be folks who think your exercise of courtesy is old-boyism if the recipient is another man. Why those folks don't just come right out and say that they think being XY disqualifies you from being a feminist, I'll never know.
Mermade, I agree with your disgruntlement. I'd have just asked these silly folks what's so wrong about being paid to be a feminist. Back in the day, I'd have loved to have been paid to be a Trotskyist, but I didn't have the luck.


Out of curiosity...

You seemed to have come somewhat late to the party, so if there was such concern, how come you were the first to email?

and a comment

Preceptual filters sometimes cause people to jump to conclusions. An open mind before adding the filter often helps.

be well


Good on you for having the courtesy to email Amp.


Chose not to read the BL post. It isn't SFW IMO.


I thought that calling out your friends and allies in private before lambasting them in public was always the polite thing to do, no matter who they are.

I don't understand the point being made by those who are complaining, except that it illustrates that on some level they simply don't trust you and are predisposed to take your actions ill.


But, Hugo, do you not see how ill-advised it was for Amp in that post to acknowledge only you and not his female critics? He had already done something that was stunningly ill-advised and had made himself seem, to many, like a user of women. Then he followed it up by finally opening up comments, but only publicly acknowledging the urgings of another man. It doesn't look good.

Amp's purity of heart aside (and I'm inclined to think he's more dimwit than sociopath) wouldn't that have been a good time to avoid the appearance of sexism? Surely it would have been. So the question in my mind is, why didn't he bother?


Apparently, Hugo, as many have observed, good manners are a tool of the Patriarchy.

Public denunciation is the way to go. If the malefactors don't immediately immolate themselves *because it is the right thing to do*, then more bad on them.

Private communication subverts the edifying power of public punishment.

Acknowledging that private courtesy works to effect correction is an even *worse offense.

Gosh; Puritans. God love 'em.


Dear Mr. Schwyzer,

While personal correspondence is always appropriate, it is perfectly acceptable to weigh, in public, the actions of a public entity, particularly when those actions affect at least some members of the public. I do hope you are not casting aspersions upon my own manners, but in such an event I'd love to explain:

The internet can make it difficult to navigate the traditional standards of etiquette concerning public information. That said, Barry Deutsch can accurately be said to be a public entity as Ampersand...in the sense that he made blog-related decisions as the owner of a public blog. Were a privately-owned local newspaper sold to Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, the prior owner/editor, no matter how privately s/he conducted everyday fiscal affairs, would be considered a public actor on the occasion of the sale.

While human nature, it is generally in bad taste for those who have made public their decisions affecting the public interest only upon threat of exposure, to then openly favor courteous correspondence over publicized "righteous anger," as Barry has consistently done. Certainly everyone prefers the kindness of strangers as well as friends. And many have said that he owes no consideration to his readers at all, but certainly it is impolite to view manners and consideration in such terms! Miss Manners would faint at the thought of bean-counting who deserves which tiny considerations, and punishing all for the perceived rudeness of a few; mere honest dialogue is, after all, the smallest of all concessions.

It ought be a simple matter to discuss one's own behavior in the face of offense; when it is not, there is usually a problem larger than the offense, no matter how rudely that offense was expressed. Large problems benefit from a good airing in the presence of all interested parties; without this sometimes-ugly occurrence, there can be neither justice nor the peace justice brings, after all. Justice and peace are always more civil, and civilized, than quiet scandals and hushed half-truths.

Barry, like you, had readers in the first place due to associating himself with a particular point of view, one contradictory to the badge (courtesy Nikki Craft) I do hope you'll both have the good manners to place prominently on your respective sites posthaste, if you find it too onerous to behave in a manner that belies the label:


Most sincerely,


Hugo was neither the only, nor the first person to email Barry. As I explained here, I emailed him right at the start of September, long before all the broke publicly.

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