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September 11, 2006



Maybe you weren't fired because you were better at hiding it. Didn't you say you were one person in public and another in private?


What great news!


"I suspect, but cannot prove, that I was handled more gently because of my white privilege"

i suspect maybe he deserved termination and his minority privilege enabled him to retain his employment. is that tactless too?


Paul, "white privilege" gave me a network of friends and family who viewed my chronic mental troubles with sympathy. The doctors who cared for me and the administrators who "covered my ass" here at PCC shared my color and my background -- it's not a stretch to say that that shared heritage and shared language led to an increase in compassion.

Yves was reinstated because a lot of us worked our butts off to get him reinstated. We did it because he was a faculty member who was fired in clear violation of rules of tenure and of the Americans with Disabilities Act. I'm bringing up race here, but it was never brought up in the discussions with the Board or Human Resources. We didn't need to play a race card to get him reinstated -- we needed to appeal to the Board's sense of decency, backed up with a blunt threat of litigation (that based on the case law, they would lose.) They did the right thing.


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