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September 01, 2006



Hugo, the next time you come to Santa Barbara, you'll have to check out a store named "Random" near the corner of Figueroa and State. And its merchandise truly is random - anything from Indonesian rod puppets to bathroom fixtures.


Taking "Kiss you all over" as the gnomic title, and allowing for some repetition, I get the following:

Don’t follow, swallow, ‘take em all.
Sail on, swallow, I’ve seen it all.
Good ole boys like me laid a highway.
Check on it, swallow nothing but the wheel.

Other entries?


Pip, that's magnificent. I'm sticking it in the body of the post so that those who don't bother to read the comments can appreciate it as well.


I like Pip's poem.

I think I read that Oi music is skinhead music, meaning very racist. Is that true?


No, Bri, while "Oi" had -- and has -- a racist skinhead element, most bands that play that sound (which you can still hear in popular American bands like "Rancid") rejected hate. Ultima Thule, a Swedish group, aren't racist.

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