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September 01, 2006



a roger clemens fan?? oh, no. please hugo - from a red sox fan who can no longer stand even to look at his bloated, traitorous face, i implore you to reverse course!


I have no love for the Astros, or for Clemens himself as a human being. But when I hit my late thirties, I adopted a new rule:

One must always root for athletes older than thyself.


This may be a bit cliche-ish, but isn't the present situation just another reflection on the modern Western world's fixation on "preserving youth"? The ironic thing is that a number of athletes end up with injuries that lead up to premature conditions usually associated with the aged.

It's good to hear you have that new rule for yourself. But personally, I have nothing short of contempt for a bat-shard (was there a near-pun there?) throwing Roger Clemens...


I found it ironic that the 21-year old cramped up. What a match!

I'll miss Agassi's genuine charisma, heart, character and grace. The young people coming up the ranks are technically amazing, but they don't have the same aura as Andre. I hope God gives him many more years to raise his family and use his talents to make a difference in the world.

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