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August 22, 2006



Do you read Vogue or is it your wife's?


Women's Review of Books...hm, never heard of it. Sounds like something I'd like!


It is a good journal,; it's published out of Wellesley College and has a strongly feminist orientation.  Here's the link.


I need to start getting The Week again. Love having the previous week's major stories in digestible bits. Excellent bathroom reading!


Why do I have this strange urge to suggest you keep "Running Times" and give up everything else? I mean, it is much better than Runner's World!


BriBri, I didn't answer your question before -- it is my wife's Vogue.

Running Times is terrific, Rob. I gave up on Runners World years ago. Marathon and Beyond is also very fine.

I'm cancelling Newsweek, as it has become hopeless. (Endless articles on health, less and less hard news). Like many people, I love The Economist, even if I don't share its political orientation. I do share the views of the folks at The Nation, and I try my best to get through the two "Review of Books" journals we receive, though I sometimes get overwhelmed.

I once subscribed to the TLS, but it was both very expensive and far too great a time-eater.


Just took a look at J.A. Swanson's site - pretty interesting pieces. His style reminds me of Ethiopian Orthodox-style murals. But why in the world does his "news" link lead to espn.com? (Another one of those mysteries, I guess.)

As for mags, I've only subscribed to cooking mags - and one known as "mental floss" (hey, it was a good bathroom read). I also like getting "odd" issues of magazines printed in languages I've learned with non-Roman scripts - for example I have a couple of "mooks" (a blend of "magazine" and "book", I kid you not) from Japan and Korea. If I can understand about 25% of the content upon first glance, it'll probably be a keeper.


your wife is quarter nigerian? nice.

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