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August 29, 2006


Douglas, Friend of Osho

Oh Hugo, not plastic shoes!! Say it ain't so!! Plastic is the bastard son of petroleum production; I don't think producing plastic shoes could be doing leather-killed animals much of a favor.


Ah, plastic shoes, zoris, if you will. If any of you go to Bali, you will be absolutely shocked when see the Balinese move heavy things (furniture, cargo boxes, and the like) with no footwear other than plastic shoes!

Alexander Zajac

Referring to item one, it's because people don't like to be guilted, even by their own minds. By bringing "Health-conscious food" to work, other people (in their own minds) see the food as a unspoken reminder that they should eat better, too. People being people, their minds interpret this stupidly and get angry at the person who brought the innocent lunch.

fashion jewelry

It is possible, given that my dietary choices are often noticeably different from those of my colleagues (I rarely touch the omnipresent sweets in the faculty lounge), that her distaste was more a response to "public and flagrant display of dieting by an already fit person".

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