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August 19, 2006



I laughed when I saw that picture of you and the pencil. Seriously, I don't think I've seen you without one (remember the time when you threw it at the ceiling when we were dicussing the concept, "Sometimes girls say no when they want to say yes, and yes when they want to say no."? HAHAHA PRICELESS! The pencil has special power. I remember that lecture especially well!


Well, as long as the pencil doesn't distract anyone... I remember that lecture too.

I go through a box of Dixon Ticonderoga #2s (unsharpened) a month.


But WHY do you have the pencils? If they are unsharpened, what do you do with them except point with them and flip them in your hand while you lecture to your students? I've always wanted to know.

Your whole family is really good looking, by the way.

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