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July 27, 2006



He’s graded God (You should do better
than this, with Your Advantages.
Try to improve by putting more
of Yourself into it: C‑‑);

At this point, I started to laugh out loud (I was already grinning). Maya (on my lap) is wondering what's so funny.


This poem is both touching and hilarious. Lovelovelove it!


Thank you!

As an about-to-be second-year high school English teacher completing a graduate course in assessment who, in the midst of my final work for the class (my self-assessment, of course), needed a bit of a mental break, I googled "poem grading" and this was the first non-commercial item on the list. Perfect.

I now will have no choice but to attach a fully-atributed copy of Ridland's poem to what I turn in.

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