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July 13, 2006



Oh my... I... am too close to this poem that I don't know what to say. Whoa.


Olds will do that to ya. Go out and buy her stuff; start with ""The Dead and the Living" or "The Gold Cell".


I've had the opposite timeline in life. I spent much of my youth being chaste, happily admitting my virginity, and "not having fun." But through many discussions recently with trusted friends, a few memories have resurfaced of the actual programming I received from my church on the virtues of saying no. They used some pretty underhanded tactics, mainly stories based on fear and withholding information. There was also blantant authorial intimidation "say no, 'cause we say so," and they fed it to us when we were so very young and easily manipulated.

I bought it for a long time, but now that I've remembered those "sermons" more clearly and can look at them with my 27 years of experience and education, I can see them for the nasty brainwashing that they were. Now I have decided to break away from the institution that lied to me so many times and caused in me a level of f***ed-upness about sex that robbed me of years that I could have been enjoying very healthy sex, of a man who I still love deeply, and it seems likely of thousands of dollars I'm going to need to spend on therapy.

My church failed me miserably on the issue of sex, and from what I can see now, not much has changed.


Thanks, Hugo! I'll totally check out more of her work!

On a side note, I read in my Marriage and Family textbook that the women who reported to having an orgasm every single time they had sex were... married conservative Protestants.

I don't agree with every aspect of how my church approached sex. At the same time, however, (and I speak for myself - nobody else), I think that there's something to said for the traditional, Christian approach to sexuality.


That's an amazing poem. Thanks for posting it.


I went out and bought, "The Dead and the Living" yesterday - thanks so much for recommending it!


Good, Mermade!  Once you're done with that, get "The Gold Cell."

Want a punch in the gut?  From "Dead and the Living", read "My Father Snoring" and "For My Daughter." 

I've had other Olds poems up before.  Heck, I've had more of hers up in the past two-plus years than any other poet:

Connoisseuse of Slugs, the very famous Sex Without Love, Forty-One, Alone, No Gerbil, The Abandoned Newborn, and California Swimming Pool.

I don't think I've had any other poet up more than four times...


Does anyone know Old's poem about the orange peel? She speaks of the spritz of the juice from the peel on her lover's skin in it. I can't remember the title, and it's driving me completely mad.


Michelle, you mean "Liddy's Orange" from the Gold Cell.



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Yeah! I can relate to this poem! :D

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