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July 31, 2006


punkass marc

Heh. We are opposites, you and I. In fifth grade, I stepped on a yellow jacket nest. The buggers covered me head to toe, something like 200 stings, and the only things they missed (other than my eyes) were ye olde private partz.

I probably did have some stings on my butt, though, so maybe we're not _that_ different. ;)

Q Grrl

Better a hindthought than a forethought?


Better a hindthought than a forethought?



eek! bees! i turn into such a child about stinging insects, i probably would've thrown a full-on tantrum in your position.

heck, even my apartment's courtyard is a little too verdant for my tastes...


I've generally lived in homes with flowers, and spent a lot of time outdoors around lots of bees, but the only time I've ever been stung was as I was climbing into bed, dead tired, at 2:00 AM on a cold February night. For some damn reason, there was a bee sitting in my bed, waiting for me.


"What does it all mean?"

Well, I know that in Bali:

- If the droppings of a cecak lizard (you've probably seen/heard them if you've been to Hawai'i, for example) fall on you, you're destined to earn enough to have a comfortable standard of living.

- If a gecko begins its call while you talk, whatever you're saying at the time must be true. Hugo, if you can get a gecko, maybe you can bring it into your class and hope that it calls during your lectures ;)


As for bees, I'm quite terrified of them. I do NOT want to find out firsthand if I'm allergic to them, but given my family's medical history, I probably am.

On the upside of my view of bees, there's a famous dance from Bali called Oleg Tamulilingan (Swaying Bumblebees) that was choreographed in the 50's. It's a courtship dance, with the male dancer doing an extremely difficult movement called "sregseg", which is a type of squatting walk. The actual "tamulilingan" looks more like a black beetle, but it buzzes and hovers like a bumblebee.

Here's a clip of the "sregseg" - I must admit, it's not the best version of Oleg I've seen, but it'll do: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hth1R05cFmM

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