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June 29, 2006



Thanks, Hugo. I live in Ames, IA wher Kooser grew up. He came to visit this spring, and hosted several poetry readings and poetry contests for kids. He looks and sounds like his poetry--dignified, earthy and accessible.

This post must be a God-thing. Tomorrow is the first anniversary of my father's death, so today marks 52 weeks since his passing at the age of 77 of lung cancer. I wonder if I'll count Thursdays for the rest of my life.

A year ago, I tried to write a poem, but couldn't. Maybe it's time.


Amazing, Kathy; life's synchronicities! Write the poem.


I just read this a little slower than my first read of this morning__it's real!


I really like those poems that they are quite short because it is easier to understand and you have the feeling sensation it is quite fast.

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