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June 12, 2006



I am very sorry for the loss of Matilde, especially given the timing with respect to your father's illness. Unfortunately, I know how insensitive others can be to one's attachment to an animal, especially a small one. I had a hedgehog for several years, and few people "got it" when Oscar died. The size of the animal doesn't dictate the depth of the attachment.

When I read the news of her passing yesterday, I had to look again at the "vertical chin" picture, which I've always thought was delightful. Thank you for sharing her with us.

The Happy Feminist

Right. I firmly believe that we can love animals and be loved by animals just as much as we can with other human beings. As I often say to my dog, "You may not know much in the way of politics, economics, history, or literature, but you sure know all about love."

My deepest condolences on the loss of Matilde. And best wishes to your father.

Melissa Smith

She was a very beautiful chinchilla; I'm so sorry to hear about her sudden passing and I hope you take all the time you need to grieve and to remember her.


Your bond with Matilde was and is clearly special, and I was very saddened to hear about your loss. I'm also sorry to hear that your father is ill, and will keep him in my thoughts.

Chris Clarke

Thanks for taking good care of Matilde while she was here, Hugo. So many domesticated animals never experience the kind of devotion you offered her.


I second Chris. She was the happiest Chinchilla in the world. You loved her, and she loved you back. That is the greatest gift of all, and one that will be a part of you forever.

I'm also sending positive thoughts for your father. Loss of a loved one is never easy, but I'm sorry to hear you are going through an incredibly hard time.


I'm so sorry to learn of the loss of Matilde, and to hear of your father's illness. Pets are important sources of (and outlets for) love, and it's a mistake to minimize the value of that.


Hugo, I'm so, so sorry to hear.


Matilde was a sweetie and we will miss her happy little chinchin capering. Sorry again for your loss.


I've always been suspicious--perhaps overly so--of those who can't empathize with the strong bonds we can and do form with animals. Sympathies to you on both fronts, take care.


Oh, Hugo, I am so very sorry for your loss of Matilde and for your father's ailing health. I have always been touched and impressed by your bond with your family (both chinchilla and human) and I can't imagine how heartbroken you must feel right now.

Please know that I am keeping you and your family in my thoughts right now. Hang in there.

Robert Hayes

Thoughts and prayers, amigo.


Hugo...I cried.

I read your post, hugged my puppies, and shed a few tears!
I third Chris! I hope my dogs have as great a life as Maty.


The chinchilla was beautiful, and I'm not generally attracted to lapine-type animals. You and your wife and father, and Mathilde too, will be in my thoughts and prayers.


I'm glad you opened comments (although I understood your concerns) as I wanted to express my sympathy but didn't want to email in case you got inundated.

I'm so sorry Mathilde has died, it must have been such a shock. Losing a much beloved pet hurts so much. My thoughts are with you.

Lynn Gazis-Sax

My sympathy. I know how hard it was for Joel when we suddenly lost one of our cats. And I'll be praying for your father.


I am so sorry for your loss. Your family will be in my thoughts.


Hugo, I am truly sorry about your loss - and I really do understand how pets work their way into your heart and soul. I have been there - and experienced the depth of sorrow that their loss brings. Blessings on you, your father, your family - and peace be upon Matilde.


I'm sorry to hear this, Hugo. Every pet I've lost has broken my heart. Love is love. God bless you, and Matilde.


MY heart goes out to you and your family. That's a wonderful picture of you and your dad. You'll be in my prayers. __I'm sorry about Matilde, I know she was very special to you. I'll miss seeing her pictures.


VERY sorry to hear of your loss. Our ability to love and bond to our animals, and to bring them into our family, is a measure of true humanity. My extended family recently lost a beloved dog. I can only bring to you this exhortation, which I read or heard long ago:

"REmember me with smiles and laughter
For that is how I will remember you
If you can remember me only with tears
It is better not to remember me at all"


I'm glad you opened comments. I understand the reason you didn't at first... but I'm glad they're open now.

Just wanted to say again how sorry I am for the loss of your little grey girl. It awes me how much individuality, personality, and love can be contained in one furry body. I am so thankful for the animals in my life; my heart goes out to you and your wife at this time of your loss.

It goes without saying that your dad and the rest of your family will be in my prayers.

Bling Fatih

I am so very sorry for your loss. Those who have never given their hearts to little fuzzy ones rarely understand, but believe me, I know. ((((hugs))))

My heart goes out to you and your family. My thoughts are also with you regarding your father.

Erin C.

I'm so sorry about the loss of Matilde. It's terribly painful to lose a pet, and I can only imagine the shock of losing her when she was so young.

You and your dad will be in my prayers.



I trust you have many happy memories of Matilde that you can carry with you.

Hope all goes well with your dad.

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