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June 29, 2006



Hey! What do you have against Portugal?!


Second half of that game this morning was really exciting. Although I'm not a big Argentine fan, I hate to see a team that plays that well lose in shoot-outs. It's too bad they lost their goalee also, it would have been a much more equitable match. Anyway, Germans are happy and they are the host country. On to England tomorrow....


Hey! What do you have against Portugal?!

Exactly. Any lover of football surely will want the Beautiful Game kept alive with a Portuguese or Brazilian triumph in this World Cup. I live in England, but I hate the way England play. It's so bad. It's all physical. So little intelligent play.


Well, if Portugal's win over Holland wasn't a triumph of brutality over finesse, I don't know what was. Not that Holland represented all that much finesse. The "jogo bonito" may be played in South America, but not in Iberia as far as I can tell. (And don't get me started on Euro 2004.)

I look forward to Portugal quite possibly beating England tomorrow, largely by dives in the penalty area that fool quick-on-the-draw refs. I pray I'm wrong.

I'm delighted Argentina is out -- give me workmanlike Northern European football any day of the week...

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