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June 28, 2006



It's as if there's a clear age demarcation: those under 25 can't take their coffee without all sorts of expensive, time-consuming, calorie-laden additives; those of us who were raised on java before the days of Starbucks are quite happy just to have something good, strong, and hot.

Hugo, this sounds suspiciously like a "Kids These Days" rant.

I'm 29, and when I go to Starbucks or any of the other coffee places around these days I tend to get the fancier frozen drinks. Why? Because they can make them more easily than I. If I just want no-frills coffee, I don't go to Starbucks, as I can either get that from work or make it home a lot more cheaply.

On the other hand, I haven't been able to make a good frozen coffee drink in my blender at home - they're always too thin, or they separate, or the flavor's off. Not to mention that it's easier to find variety in the form of thirty-cent shots of flavored syrup than it is in eight-dollar bottles.

that Starbucks would add an "express lane" for those of us who just want our bloody coffee without added sweetness or ceremony or expense!

Do they have a strict queue there? At the Starbucks I go to, they set the drinks out for pickup as they're finished, which means that if I order a white mocha frappuccino and you order a plain coffee after that, you're probably going to get your drink before I get mine.


Jeff, it is very much a "kids these days rant". And yes, my Starbucks works the same way -- I just don't like being stuck behind the kid ordering such a complicated drink it has to be repeated three times to the poor barista writing on the cup!

I'm practicing curmudgeonliness!

Jill at Feministe takes on the lamentable decision by animal control officials in Los Angeles to have Hooters sponsor a spay-neuter day.

There is no such thing as a lamentable decision to have a spay-neuter day. Horny men need to spay and neuter their pets as much as anyone else does.


X, you and I share a passion for animals -- but I don't want a city agency saving animal lives to raise money using women's bodies.


Thanks for posting the link to Mermade's blog; I was hoping she'd share it!

I'm with you on the "kids these days" lament, btw. Granted, my home-brewed drip coffee is sitting on the counter in the kitchen, but even when I do head to Starbucks, I'm usually getting plain ol'-plain 'ol. The fanciest I go is a Chai Latte; the other things just seem so cloyingly sweet! Caramel machiato, anyone? Ptooey!

Douglas, Friend of Osho

Hugo, there's plenty of time for you to become Frank Constanza, believe me; wait 'til you have kids! And hey, about the "Rate My Professor" bit: nothing wrong with being good-looking and though you certainly know college students better than I, it strikes me that they know beauty is only skin-deep a bit more than you might give them credit for. The chili icon is a bit lame for my taste, though.


Frank Constanza?

Douglas, Friend of Osho

Sorry, I forgot, you don't watch the tube. He was the overbearing father of the pudgy, balding, ham-fisted sly character on 'Seinfeld'. Frank took curmudgeonliness to unparalleled levels.


Thanks, Douglas. I never watched Seinfeld, and truly don't watch a lot of TV other than news and sports -- and "Law and Order SVU", the one TV show I always have time for.

David Thompson

"Law and Order SVU", the one TV show I always have time for.

And on that, yesterday's episode was terribly lame and predictable. I turned it off halfway through, certain that her boyfriend pummeled her with the lamp to induce a miscarriage since she couldn't get a legal abortion. It was also cutely cowardly that they glossed "Pulaski" into 'Palassi'.

Also, I don't drink coffee.


aww thanks for providing your readers with a link to my blog, Hugo! I got some great comments today! Thank you!


You are most welcome, Mermade! I'm glad Allison went over. I keep thinking I ought to start a "women in American society" group blog for my students.


That's an awesome idea, Hugo! Please seriously consider it - you have my full support!


That's a good idea. I'll help you start it.


Venti drip, no room?? I obviously know nothing about coffee. I'll have to get this tomorrow morning before I head over to my office. Do you think they'll have a long line at that Starbucks at 7:20 or so? (Can't say I've ever been in a Starbucks.) I'd like to get it tomorrow.


i am surprised that your local barista hasnt gotten you and your order down alrdy--so they can have it to you ready when you come in!


My campus Starbucks kiosk does have a drip-coffee-only express line during the morning rush, and it is a wonderful thing. I'm surprised that this isn't more common.


I'm only 27, and I can't stand when people my age order Frapucino's, latte's, etc. I'm with you Hugo. Give me a grande coffee of the day. The most outlandish thing I get at Starbuck' or Coffee Bean is an Americano. It's 4 shots of espresso over hot water and only 15 calories! I only order those during finals though.

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