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June 14, 2006




I'm so sorry for the loss of Matilde. The bond between our mini-dachshund and us is an amazing thing. May St. Guinefort pray for you during this time of mourning.


That was a beautiful tribute to Matilde.

Glen Peterson

I haven't been by your blog for weeks. Nothing personal, just busy. So sorry to about Matilde. We are dog people at our house and I was suspicious about your chinchilla at first. But, pets are pets. When Samson our first lab passed, I wasn't sure that we could ever move on. Yet, 8 months or so later, Samson II joined our lives as an eight week old puppy. Good for you to take the emotional space to mourn. It makes us better people.


Hi - I am also sorry to hear of the loss you experienced and while looking for answers as to why our what looked to be healthy chin passed away suddenly last night, I stumpled upon this blog. We came home and found him dead in his cage - lying on his side with what looked to be urine on his private area and his mouth and chin was wet. Can anyone shed some light on this? Please e-mail me on my private e-mail addy of danemom1965@optonline.net. Thanks!

Kathleen Collins

You may never even see this post as it loooks as though this is an old blog. In 2007, our 7 year old chin 'Cheech' died suddenly and unexplainedly. One minute he was playing and hoping around in his multi level condo....an hour later, I found him sprawled half way in and out of his dust house..he had just dropped and died. I couldn't have loved him more. It is almost three years later and I'm still sad.I have no idea what happened. I hope whatever it was..it was over before he realized what was happening. He was a sweet, sweet boy. what I did next was confusing. I couldn't bear to bury him. Instead, we brought him to a taxidermist....the thought of which now, makes me queasy. The taxidermist charged us a deposit of $75 and told us "Cheech' wouldn't be ready for almost a year. When we decided to follow up on the progress, with a phone call (about 10 months later), we were told our chinchilla had been 'donated' because this taxidermist claim.ed he didn't know how to get a hold of us.(Obviously, a very unscrupulous guy) So, ....we no longer had our Cheech. I should have just found the inner strength to bury him when he died, in the first place....instead of resorting to the dark alternative I thought would have made it easier to cope with. I still can't think of this without guilt and sadness and disgust for the taxidermist.
We have 5 cats and a dog, but I still miss Cheech every day.

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