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May 30, 2006


Man o Man

Why not root for your country as well? Is the U.S.A. that bad to you liberals?

Man o Man

Sorry, I meant "progressives."


The USA dominates the world in many things, Man o; I see no reason why they must dominate in soccer as well.

Mind you, if the US was playing Brazil, Germany, or Mexico (my three least favorite international teams), I'd root for the USA.

BTW, I carry a UK passport as well as a United States one. "My country" can mean more than one thing to many of us.


The Freudian in me is wondering why you posted a somewhat fluffy post about sports right after a long, smart post on the hard limit accusatins of homosexuality impose on masculinity in our society. Kinda screams "I'm not gay!!!!" to me...


It was a good weekend for women's sports at Northwestern too! Women's LAX won their second straight national championship, and softball is in the Women's College World Series for the first time in 20 years. Maybe this will help get past some of the bad press about the women's soccer hazing...


Lorie, yes, well done -- with Cal out, I'll root for you in the WCWS. And congrats on women's lax, too.

Dustin, I posted this BEFORE the post on homosexuality! :-) And I post pretty frequently about sports, though less about the big ones (NFL, NBA, MLB) and more about the minor ones (cross-country, marathoning, women's basketball and softball, men's soccer, and so forth).


Yeah, yeah, Hugo. Insist all you want...

You do know I'm just kidding, right? I don't have an inner Freudian.

Anna in Cairo

Re the World Cup: Well, being an expat, even though a liberal/progressive, I usually root for the US. I think living overseas tends to make people more gung ho about supporting their country's sports teams.

Also because I tend to root for the underdog and the US usually is one in soccer.

But, although I know Brazil has won so many World Cups, I just love to see them play as a team. They just seem to be all parts of one completely integrated whole. And I always support Nigeria, which is unfortunately not in the World Cup this time, so may have to go with S. Africa, which really did poorly in the recent Africa Cup that was held here (and Egypt won, Go Egypt!) Or, then again, Cote D'Ivoire (who lost the final match in the Africa cup but was a really good team and has that really great player Drogba), hmm, I can't decide.


Oh, I will definitely be rooting for Ivory Coast. I am sorry that Nigeria and Cameroon aren't in it this year.

I agree, the Brazilians play beautiful soccer -- but they still have dominated for too long, and it's time for someone else.


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