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April 03, 2006


Sea Ganschow

I spent the first few years of my life in Pasadena while my dad went to Fuller Theological Seminary. Then he was a minister at Arcadia Friends Church for 8 years...

I can tell you are quite a resource for young people. That's good to see. The love thing, being the most important thing, I agree. Hugs and listening to their stories and tears, I think, will be the longest term impact you've given them ... each person will always have had that from you--for always.

Connecting with God (depending on what that means to you) is pretty natural if you've got support and love and someone to listen to you. God IS love, right?

If they confuse you for the message but you don't collude (as you aren't) they will figure it out. They're smart. But good for noticing and watching for that.


God IS love, right?

Amen, sister.

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