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April 25, 2006



"My understanding is that men are welcome to submit to this project, but please don't use Jen's project as a soap box for challenging the whole notion of domestic violence."

Not sure I gather your meaning. I wrote her a few days ago and asked if she'd also shed a little light upon male victims, and her answer was, "Absolutely." I'm sending her the link to "my" group. Is that a soapbox?



Sounds like a cool and worthy project! I will tell people over at http://www.pandys.org/ about this.

bmmg39, I am sure that what was meant by the comment was to not use Jen's project as an opportunity either to poopoo feminism or to claim that domestic violence isn't a big deal, is over-estimated, is a myth. Most people wouldn't think of doing such a thing, but you'd be suprised.



bmmg39, you're fine on this one.

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