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March 15, 2006


The Gonzman

It's what we like to call "The Wall." From time to time you run into it, ften for months, and just seem to be spinning your wheels.

I've often found it helps me at those times to just go back to basics, and fundamentals. The combat sport I'm doing encompasses several styles, I just pick up Sword and Shield again, and work with that. It helps clear the head, and often gives you that Homer Simpson moment of realizing you'd not incorporated all the fundamentals into mastery of a new technique.


Sword and shield? Some sort of Society for Creative Anachronism thing where you dress up in mock armor and have at each other with wooden swords? I don't know much about martial arts beyond the common karate.


LOL. Maybe it's more an Amtguard thing... he beats folks with a foam whiffle bat, and fend's them off with cardboard.

The Gonzman

No, it's SCA. And it's not mock armor, my harness is a recreation of a 3rd Cenury Irish chieftan's. It needs to be real armor - the rattan wasters are used full contact. There's a level of fun to it - even four years of kendo can't prepare you for it.


Well, damn. SCA. That explains a lot.

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