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March 30, 2006



This just continues to convince me that US fashion is about 4 years behind European - since the bellbottom, skinny has come and gone - does that mean the denim skirt, shaggy boots and body sucking top is about to come to the US?

The best fit for low-cut skinny jeans is first; be born with hips narrow enough that childbirth will probably kill you, second; become anorexic to determine your size, third; gain back just enough weight to be curvy rather than bony and don't forget your double sided tape and day-glue for getting those, "cut to two inches above the crotch" jean (I dare the guys to try and steal those!). And most important: Get a trendy belt which is tight enough to cause internal organ injury for those times you need to tie your shoe unless you want to give everyone the "crack attack" - or simply get jeans so tight it is impossible to bend over and wear a big fat faux belt.


At least there's equal opportunity for fashion catastrophes...you men missed out on the Uggs with miniskirt phenomenon.


Something tells me this isn't going to fly in Idaho...


I'm not sure tight jeans are always a fashion catastrophe... but I have no interest in Uggs.

Yeah, it probably won't fly in Idaho. I have some old loose fitting Eddie Bauer jeans I wear when I'm "red-stating it". (I might even have some old Wranglers too; I'll look). I put on an LL Bean flannel shirt and some work boots, and I'm ready to blend in... once I've taken off the jewelry too.


Sara, you're totally assuming that tight acid wash (with your favorite Iron Maiden shirt) was ever "out" in Idaho.


The best fit for low-cut skinny jeans is first; be born with hips narrow enough that childbirth will probably kill you

ha! when i saw this article in the chicago tribune's website, i wanted to throw my computer out the window in a fit of frustration. as if low-rise wasn't bad enough?? how much more pain can the fashion industry inflict upon those of us born with big hips?? oh, the humanity.

(and the irony? i don't want to have kids anyway, so i have no use for these "birthing hips" i inherited from my mother. take them back! they're of no use to me!)


Maybe ONLY men with narrow hips should be wearing these jeans, and we could spare women altogether!


Fantastic - I already can't find shirts or dresses ever since they stopped designing clothes for women with breasts - Now they're going to stop making jeans for women with hips and an ass. What non-anorexic adult woman looks good in tapered jeans, for God's sake?

Who are these fashion designers and why do they hate us?


Thank you for the information on the jeans! I'll have to take my daughters over there!


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I just don't have anything to say these days. I've just been sitting around doing nothing. More or less nothing seems worth bothering with.


My life's been bland. I've basically been doing nothing to speak of, but what can I say? Not that it matters. Eh. Such is life.


Life begins at conception, at birth


I love to wear designer jeans...

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Am I glad this trend is slowly coming to an end, many lucky charms can take a deep sigh of relief!

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I still am a huge fan of the skinny jeans! They have made it for quite a while now!


I agree with Elizabeth's post above that the U.S trends are several years behind those found in Europe. It seems like men started wearing jeans that resemembled women's jeans a while ago over seas and it took a few years for it to catch on over here. It may be noted though that in Europe just about every guy was wearing really tight jeans but in America the trend has only really caught on with the punk rock part of society.

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I have been , Thank God blessed with a well proportioned body, but nowadays a 36-24-36 is no longer consider a perfect one with the introduction of anorexic models. I now find it hard to buy tall womens jeans as more and more jeans tapered down and designed for women who are not eligible for child birthing. I agree with Christy, why do fashion designers hate us? However, I think that, men who wanted to wear skinny jeans are welcomed in the women’s department, as women cannot wear them so they had better be of use to someone else. I hope that they would reinvent fashion again and would include curvaceous women.

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