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March 27, 2006



Nothing like a discussion on stripping!

Feminism is predicated on the belief that a new world is possible; if the past were our only source of hope, none of us could do the work we do.

In this new world, how do we plan to deal with all the people who are lonely, miserable and frustrated sexually?

A stripper is dependent upon her audience for her economic survival; a teacher isn't.

Logically, one can argue that the stripper is thereby more moral. She (or he) is engaged in a voluntary transaction with her customers. The teacher in a state school gets paid as a result of money coerced via taxation.

I LOVE the Swedish approach to prostitution -- criminalize BUYING sex, but not SELLING it. It solves the problem perfectly!

Why am I not surprised that you are pleased by men being jailed?

But when she takes off her clothes for money? Leave her the hell alone. Don't try to play good girls vs. bad girls with her. The smart good girls aren't playing.

Sophonisba--good point!

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