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March 19, 2006



Congratulations! Even if it didn't go the way you planned, you got the medal! That your normally faster friends weren't normal and fast tells you something about the conditions.


Congratulations! And... weight? What weight? You look like a light and lively runner to me!


Thanks, binky; Anne, I was close to 20 pounds lighter when I ran my personal best times in 1998-1999.

Ron O.

Congratulations. Too bad about the big city marathons. If you liked Los Angeles, you'd love the Chicago marathon. It goes through many neighborhoods with different characters. A million people typically come out to cheer. It's quite amazing, humbling and motivating.

I had my personal worst marathon in hilly, rural Maryland.

PS Are you removing your tatoos? It looks like you had one lasered above the one on your arm.


Ron, I might change my mind; after San Diego last year, I swore off big urban marathons -- and that pledge lasted nine months.  I still want to do Chicago and London someday.  Don't believe what I say when I'm in pain!

That scar on the arm is explained here.

Ron O.

Oh my. I'm glad you don't do that anymore.

re: Chicago. Good, drop me a line if you ever decide to run here.


We had Korean drummers drumming, we had gospel music on Crenshaw, we had Native American dancers, we had salsa and rancheras blaring.

Did they have the Aztec Dancers?

I've been to numerous protest marches in LA and it is amazing how the city can come alive during the big events. People miss all of this when they spend their entire lives in their automobiles, work cubicle and shopping mall.


I am sure their were Aztec dancers this time; we've had them in previous years. I just missed them this time.


Congratulations, Hugo! My husband also did the marathon (he walked it).


Yay! Congrats to him from me!

Bill Hooker


Somehow, all of these people out in the bright sun just to cheer on perfect strangers seemed so wonderful and kind, it overwhelmed me.

I used to run distance, and I always choked up at races/fun runs for the same reason. To this day, I cannot keep from tears if I tell the story of the handicapped kid (trisomy 21 I think) at the end of the City to Surf in Sydney (the crowd went completely NUTS, and you've never seen more happy in one place than that kid). *snif*

Dammit, now I want to shed all these pounds and run again.

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