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March 14, 2006



it's not the wrong kind of blog. any non-mra male who reads this blog regularly is cool in my book.

The Gonzman

You know, ever since I hired Linda to be the Office Manager/Accountant; I spend more time assigning tasks, signing things as the Big Kahuna, reviewing bueiness plans, reviewing reports and work orders, and wiaiting for problems to occur so I can stomp them out. Engagement in something besides mechanical thought keeps me from going barking mad. One of these days, I need to sell this business and write, but if I do, I am afraid I will become all but a complete hermit, and eventually be weird old grandpa.


My husband found me online and "got interested" because of my site. (This was in mid-2000, though, so there was a much, much smaller pool of bloggers.)


My doctor was wondering how I was doing so well. I'm doing better than him, and I'm almost twice his age and a diabetic.

Now I can explain to him it's because I am a blogger. It's got to be cheaper than those well-advertised medications.


Well, now that I think about it, one reason that I mention my wife so often on this blog is that I want it to be abundantly clear that nothing I am doing in this public world is part of a strategy to meet women.

I also just like saying "my wife", because it makes me happy to see it written out.

But if my readers decide to start e-mailing each other and meeting (like Aldahlia's husband), I hope they write and tell me about it.


"...Simon Dumenco, a prominent U.S. media analyst...."
Wow, really, I've never heard of Simon Dumenco, ever!


So when you meet more people who are like you, you're more likely to find people you're compatible with, and maybe even date or sleep with them? No way.


I'm not entirely sold on this theory. Next time a I meet a woman at a party I'll start talking about the latest round of debates on framing health care policy at TPM and see how that works for me...


According to Simon Dumenco, a prominent U.S. media analyst, people read blogs at least in part because they "want to get laid."

They may want to "get laid" but I don't think it's gonna happen by blogging!

The Gonzman

So when you meet more people who are like you, you're more likely to find people you're compatible with, and maybe even date or sleep with them? No way.

Heh. Yeah, call it poetic justice if you want, but me and a certain local feminist avoid the hell out of each other because somehow we always wind up in the sack together, no matter how bitter a screaming match we have. It's a real Mary Matalan/James Carville thing, except that - well - we really don't even like each other.

Thing is, I can hear God laugh at the both of us.

Sexual chemistry - no, I don't even pretend to have the faintest understanding of it.


I guess those of us who started reading blogs since getting married are wasting our time. :)

The Gonzman

Yeah, you missed the boat. The blogosphere is a regular swinger's club. Whoopie.

Anne Zook

Clearly I'm the one with the wrong kind of blog....

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