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March 30, 2006


New Kid on the Hallway

Oh, wow, this is a lovely poem; thanks for posting it.


what would be a good poem to put on someones grave stone. a poem like for a queen...


The first time that I ever read this poem was in 1988. Our kind vet had come to our home to put our 13 year old black lab "Spirit", down. I held her in my arms (Spirit was my birthday present for my 10th birthday) as he took all of her pain away. It was a privilege to hold her. As the vet got up to leave, he handed me a folded piece of paper. I thought it was the bill. When I got inside the house I opened it up and cried and cried about my beloved pet and also my vet's kindness, I kept the poem close by to reread when I felt sad.

Over the years, I have pulled that poem out whenever I have had a friend who has had to put a dog down. It is always the "perfect" way for me to comfort them.

Well now I find myself in that same position as we(my two young daughters and husband) have made the decision to put our 15 year old yellow lab "Chloe" down. We have called the same vet to assist us. I have been thinking that I need to get out that poem to give to my daughters after Chloe is gone. I went to pull it out and I couldn't find it.

Thank you for posting this poem as I feel such comfort in seeing it again and being able to share it with my girls.

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I've been writing my own poem, so I hope you like it:

The last word this one spoke
was my name. The last word
that one spoke
was my name.

My two friends
had never met. But when they said
that last word
they spoke to each other.

I am proud to have given them a language
of one word. A narrow space
in which, without knowing it,
they met each other at last. 23jj


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