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February 23, 2006



Duffy is wonderful. Hugo, you would probably love her earlier book "The World's Wife" in which each poem is a feminist twist on a the story of a famous historical or mythical male figure - e.g. Orpheus, Freud, the Beast from "Beauty & the Beast".


Thanks for the recommendation, Jendi -- I haven't read it. Is it like Sexton's "Transformations", the feminist re-telling of classic fairy tales?


can anyone analyse this poem for me?
i really need help understanding this + "first love" for my english course.
thank you.


Hi, I was wondering whether anyone knew one of Duffy's poems taht shows a search for identity ? please help !

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I've read a fair amount of her stuff recently, and this is my current favorite. The last stanza is devastatingly good!!


well, it is really important, in my opinion it can be so good if we read more about it

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