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February 21, 2006



a dozen cadbury creme eggs?? gack! i love those things, but i can only eat one every few days.

jake gyllenhaal and justin timberlake, huh? *insert your own 'brokeback mountain: real life' joke here*


I never used to like cadbury cream eggs until I started working out -- then the intense love of sugar kicked in.

Yes, we were wondering whether Jake and Justin are friends or just happened to be sharing first-class accomodation on British Airways, and struck up an acquaintance.


a dozen cream eggs? that's about 40,000 calories! Good lord - hope you got to running in to work off the excess energy!

Glad you had fun over here. :o)


A Jake Gyllenhaal siting AND curling? You do live a priveleged life!

As for the gender segregation in curling, it's a good question. The only part of the game that requires brute physical strength (as opposed to motor control) is the sweeping. But it's hard to imagine that sweepers would ever be required to exert force greater than what an average, physically-fit woman could, so it comes down to skill and motor control once again.

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