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February 27, 2006



Damn. Great writer. RIP.


A unique voice, gone. One of the few scifi writers to address the morality, the terms of survival in unequal power relationships in a well-rounded way.


I have long said that Octavia Butler is not one of the best African-American female science fiction writers working today. She is -- was -- one of the best writers of any race or ethnicity, of either sex, in any genre, of all time.

I am unbelievably shocked and saddened.



I was terribly sad to hear of Octavia Butler's passing (from Neil Gaiman's site, incidentally). I studied her work in college as part of a course on the fantastic in African-American literature - it was one of the best classes I ever decided to take, and hers were among the few books I didn't sell back at the end of the quarter. She was truly an inspiration, and I'm sorry we've lost her so soon.

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