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February 27, 2006



Weird coincidences; in the last week I read a short story by Octavia Butler and this morning I led a class discussion on some selections from Mike Davis' City of Quartz in which Otis Chandler figures prominently. The history of the LA Times, at least the bits of it Davis gives us, are quite fascinating.


Well, Davis has the same dim view of Los Angeles that Paul Haggis does in Crash -- the reality, at least to me, isn't nearly as grim as they perceive it. But Mike Davis is a hell of a writer, and his history of the Times is exciting, I agree!


I assign Davis in part to get students to lose the habit of dismissing that which has a whiff of 'bias' of apparent lack of objectivity. Davis is so clearly and deeply commited to a radical and idiosyncratic perspective virtually none of my students share, but they come to see they can still learn a great deal from him.

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