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February 21, 2006



Hmmm. That\'s interesting.


This makes me think of when I was making family trees in elementary schools, and I was supposed to write the occupation of my ancestors down in the chart. I asked my mother what my grandmother and great-grandmother did, and she told me to write down "homemaker." I'd never heard the word before, so I assumed it meant something like "house-builder" and thought it was strange that all my female ancestors were carpenters!


The guys out there doing the stay at home thing are pioneers in the field, and it's crazy the amount of confusion, prejudice, and disbelief around it. My husband gets a little frustrated every time someone congratulates him for doing something like choosing nutritious foods for our kids or wiping their noses. It's a huge gender issue.


And the stay at home dads in my parenting group regale us all with tales about men and women looking at them as if they've lost their minds when they explain that, yes, this was a choice they made. Family over career.

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