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January 04, 2006



A couple of thoughts here:

If you ask why there is a backlash against feminism, it is precisely what these articles promote: the politicalization of every last act of everyday life. If a man can not compliment a woman without "oppressing" her, then we are in some sort of Stalinist society.

Simultanesouly, if all it takes to "oppress" women is complimenting one, then perhaps fundamentalists ought to stop putting women in burkhas and simply tell them that they look good today. That will send women running home in tears!

It is just very difficult for me take all this stuff about "sisterhood is strong" when women are declaring themselvews to be so weak-kneed that they can not take a compliment.


"Andrea has a long and interesting post On Chivalry, with some points I'd like to respond to soon."

It would probably benifit all concerned if there were a distinction made between the all encompasing "Chivalry", and the subset of it's "rules" that only pertain to the behavior of men toward woman.

It may be nice to see a passing nod to Judith Martin or Lynne Truss as
modern arbitors concerning manners, civility, courtesy, respect, acknowledgement,and the value of various tacitly agreed and accepted social expections.

Neither Ms. Rubenstein, nor many of the posters on that thread, show knowlege of the full circle, or even why, that the "Chivalry is demeaning to woman" meme has taken amongst young ladies since the sixties.

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