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January 26, 2006



Many progressives, as well as many familiar with the former Joseph Ratzinger's image as "God's Rottweiler", are a bit surprised that the topic for his first major theological statement as pope is such a winsome and unobjectionable subject.

I am suprised they were suprised...

This encyclical letter clearly lays a foundation and it would seem pragmatic (another of his traits) to restate one of the corner stones of Christian belief at the start.

This would then provide the basis for further development and grounding. As you say it is an unobjectionable subject.

It does though leave great scope for development especially in the relationship of Men and Women (see pt I para 11), Church and State (most of part II) and Mary (pt 2 para 41)

(imho) In both his appointments and this letter Benedict XVI has recognised concerns and has begun to address them by initally reminding people of a common foundation.

be well

A Christian Prophet

Interesting... the holy spirit's direct message both on the Christian Prophet blog and on the Holy Inheritance blog started talking about "God is love," a few days ago, then the Pope issued his encyclical. It's as if the guidance is coming through in various places and we are all in cahoots.


I am becoming a bigger fan of "Papa Ratzi" the more I see of his Pontificate.


I just found this blog. I'm very interested in Christian values so I'll keep visiting your site.


Hey Hugo,

Liked your post, but don't agree with you on Neuhaus: He is not only brilliant and an outstanding writer, but also a very decent and Spirit-filled man.

Here is a link to something he wrote recently that is both amusing and depressingly accurate.



I don't disagree, Blu, that Neuhaus is brilliant, decent, and spirit-filled. Years ago, a friend recommended his marvelous "Death on a Friday Afternoon", and I loved it -- a real spiritual classic. My great admiration for his faith and his talent as a writer, however, does not prevent me from seeing him as fundamentally mistaken about virtually every major social issue facing the church and contemporary society!


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