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January 25, 2006



That working out twelve to eighteen hours a week has nothing to do with vanity,

Hugo, more power to you! I top out at about seven hours a week!


I ♥ Paul Frank!

I also believe that it is fine for a 20-year old college student to wear and own lots of Hello Kitty items. My 4-year old cousin loves Hello Kitty too--I think it must run in the family.

Susanna Boxall

I believe that I would drop some cash, right here, right now, for some Matilde apparel, and that wearing head-to-toe "Matilde, the chinchilla angel on a skateboard" would be appropriate for a grad seminar.

I'm with you on the workout thing. Every time I freak out about being able to live my triathlon lifestyle, I remind myself that there are very busy people holding demanding jobs, raising a family and training for an IM. Besides, we meed our responsibilities with enthusiasm and pleasure (at least in part) because we work out.


Thanks, for the enthusiastic validation. Seriously, among many other projects we have in mind, we're thinking of creating a line of "chic chinchilla wear" ala Paul Frank. It would be hella cute.

Anyone who steals this idea, we'll expect a hefty donation to the Matilde Mission!


Hugo, this is delightful! I'll do my best to come up with own list at some point. I especially like #1. :-)


Oh, I'll have to blog on this one!


Hey! I just wrote a post on #8.


very interesting, hugo! i haven't seen this one floating around out there yet. i am going to bed soon, and i'll have to lay there for awhile and think about whether i actually have ten views that i hold without evidence. i mean, i practically prostrate myself at the altar of Evidence.

i'll give it a go, and see what i can come up with!


Numbers three and six: yes and hell yes.


Given what you've said about your past success in picking election winners, I think #3 might be a self-defeating prophecy.



Regarding point #1, two thoughts:

*As I asked you a while back, do you consider yourself a universalist, or a C.S. Lewis-type who holds that God will save some from other faiths whose true longing is for Christ, whether they know it or not? At the time, you told me you agreed with Lewis, but he was not a universalist. He did not believe that everyone would be granted salvation, but that God would instead allow everyone to have what they wanted in the end. Some will not want to live with Christ and in the presence of God, according to Lewis (see The Great Divorce); consequently, Lewis believed that God will not make them live in his presence. Universal salvation is something different.

*If you do hold to a universal salvation view, I think you're in the mainstream in ECUSA. (Progressive Episcopalians in VA just articulated it as one of their beliefs.) But then you have to confront the awful fact that ECUSA has excised all (I believe it's all, not just most) Scriptural references to eternal separation from God from its lectionary. Consequently, for example, the parable of the sheep and the goats stops before the reference to the fate of the goats in our lectionary; other passages could be mentioned. You also, of course, have to go against centuries of orthodox Christian belief. And such a belief is why many orthodox Anglican see ECUSA as drifting in a unitarian universalist-style direction. How do you see such a view as "easily reconcilable" with a view of Christ as savior? ("Of the whole world" in orthodox Christian belief historically has been understood to mean that anyone who wants to come in repentance and faith to Christ can come, not that everyone will come.)

Finally, I'm waiting for your thoughts on progressives and their lack of emphasis on obedience, as I wrote before the holidays.

Peace of Christ,


Chip, you're right that I neglected to write on progressives and obedience.

As for your lengthy query about universalism, with all respect, the title of the meme is "Ten Views I hold WITHOUT Evidence." I share here what I hope and believe, not what I can prove.


Whose Paul Frank?....Shows you what I know about men's fashion.

La Lubu

and that schedule will be easily possible to maintain after my wife and I have children (while I meet all of my household responsibilities with enthusiasm and pleasure).


Do yourself a favor....stock up on some home exercise equipment before the birth. Despite your best efforts, you won't be making it either to the gym or on long runs. Fuggetaboutit. You'll have to make do with...ummm..."interval training" at home. Sounds like you've already got the "get up early" part down pat, though! That'll serve you well!

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