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January 13, 2006



Bears! I love it. I just downloaded that from iTunes and have been wearing it out all day. Funny.

And let's hear it for the unhip! I wear that descriptor with more pride than I probably ought.


I first became a Lyle Lovett fan when I heard that song on the radio a few years ago...


Hugo, yours is the only blog I read that features Random Ten songs I actually know. I'm way unhipper than you.


shakira! wow. when my sister and i had an apartment together, she played that song incessantly. i think it was some kind of mental torture tactic.

not that it's a bad song, but after the 1,247th listen, it can start to make you crazy!


Well, it is my wife's song... the Colombian thing and all... but I do confess it's grown on me.

The Countess

Wow, "Bette Davis Eyes". I haven't heard that in years. I always thought Kim Carnes sounded like Rod Stewart. ;)

I worked for the drummer for Mary Chapin Carpenter once, but I can't remember in what capacity. That was back in my entertainment days. I probably did lighting. I have one of her Christmas songs on a tape I made of Music Americana's Christmas show in 1993. It's my favorite song from the show. I liked Music Americana a lot. It was New Age and folk music.


Like Rod Stewart's worse-sounding twin, which is saying something.

The Countess

I know what you mean, Mythago. I still cringe when I hear Stewart singing "If You Think I'm Sexy". Yikes! I guess Kim Carnes was a one-hit wonder. Stewart's less-evil twin. LOL

The Gonzman

Oh, mercy, Hugo. Unhip is an understatment. Tragically unhip. If you think it's painful for you....

I'm here for you, brother - let me get you a random selection from mine. Hmmm - hmmm ...

Here - try these:

Born to be Bad - George Thorogood (Live Version)
Hell Bent for Leather - Judas Priest
Just What the Doctor Ordered - Ted Nugent (Gonzo Ted - Go Figure)
Redneck Punk - Jackyl
God Save The Queen - Anthrax
Stepping Stone - Sex Pistols (Hmm. Interesting juxtaposition there)
Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll - Blue Oyster Cult

Hmmm - I'll scratch "We Die Young" by Alice in Chains. Baby steps.

Jailbreak - Thin Lizzie
It's All Over Now - Rolling Stones
867-5309/Jenny - Tommy Tutone

The Countess

Hugo, you might like Jeff Buckley's "Grace". His song "Hallelujah" is beautiful. I first heard it on "Without A Trace" during their season ending episode last year about 9/11.


The beauty of "California Stars" (demonstrating what happens when you take the same old I/IV/V chord structure and actually do it RIGHT) is most likely due to the genius of Wilco, who've proven it time and time again. I really have no use for Billy Bragg.

And, BTW, twas Leonard Cohen who penned "Hallelujah" (not to be confused with Dar Williams' "Alleluia," which is equally catchy but much faster). "Hallelujah" was later covered by Jeff Buckley and also there was a more well-known cover by Rufus Wainwright. I think I heard a k.d. lang version on WXPN last week. It's becoming the new "Landslide."

Men's Rights = Women's Rights = Human Rights

Mr. Bad

Good grief - these lists are so "un-hip" it's embarassing. So in order to not 'call the kettle black' so to speak, here's mine:

1) "Flamenco Sketches" - Miles Davis, et al.
2) "A Tribute to Jack Johnson" (the entire album, both sides) - Miles Davis, et al.
3) "Safe European Home" - The Clash
4) "Hod Rod Lincoln" - Bill Kirchen/Commander Cody
5) "Machine Gun" - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
6) "My Old Man's a Fatso" - The Angry Samoans
7) "Your Phone's Off the Hook (But You're Not)" - X
8) "Holiday in Cambodia" - The Dead Kennedeys
9) "Blitzkreig Bop" - The Ramones
10 "Georgia" - Hoagy Carmichael

Random thoughts:

Countess: Dang, if you can't remember what you were doing while working for a musician, then you were having too much fun. Trust me, I know. ;)

Kim Carnes: Despite 'Sexy Rod's' latest embarassing (to say the least) dalliance into classic popular tuneage, to compare him to Kim Karnes is a really low blow. To Rod.

Hugo: Dang fella, you got a lot of courage. All that Big Hair and spandex.

Gonz: My favorite tunes from your corner would be "The Girl With Far Away Eyes" (Stones), "2+2=?" (Bob Seeger), "I Wanna Be Your Dog" (Iggy and The Stooges), "Kick Out the Jams (Mother F*ckers)" (The MC-5), "I'm 18" (Alice Cooper), and of course, "Don't Fear the Reaper" (BOC). Just gotta love that guitar hook on that last one...


Mr. Bad, you and I share a deep affection for the Clash; Gonz, your inclusion of Tommy Tutone made me smile -- and made me add it to my collection!; Countess, I looked up the Buckley song as well and was glad I did. Thanks, all!


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