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January 26, 2006



I showed up at my university's gym the other day only to find out that it has been handed over to the local *major league* baseball team for a couple of hours per week. (Which doesn't seem like much, but manages to interrupt my routine several days a week.) Personally, I'm just waiting for them all to start preseason...March will be here soon, right? Right?


I feel your pain when it comes to the "new year resolutes." They have been infiltrating my spinning class and just making the gym a whole lot more crowded. The rumor at my gym is that by the Superbowl most of them will be gone.


Hugo, I challenge you as a Christian to see these resolutionaries as brothers in need of help, and reach out to one or two of them - you cannot do it all, of course - who appear to be likely to give up, and just be a gym friend to them. Encourage them to succeed, and praise their efforts. See their progress before they do, and revel in it. You could make a reak difference in a man's life here. These men represent opportunities to live your principles and transcend your understandable irritation with those less committed than you in this regard. They have gifts for you, as well, you know.


Fair enough, Stanton, fair enough... though not all the subjects of my irritation were my fellow males!


"...not all the subjects of my irritation were my fellow males!"

My bad! Must have been my socially conditioned misandry overcoming my common sense for a moment. :-) I will try to be more conscious in the future! (And for the sake of domestic tranquility, you may wish to concentrate on the male newbies. Circumstances will determine the wiser course.)

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