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December 06, 2005



However, what you haven't explained is whether or how you've done anything to make this situation more equitable vis-a-vis men and women in your workplace

Clearly, you have, so you can tell us about the good example you've set.

One person putting salt on the driveway doesn't explain the rest of them saying, in essence, "Thanks for doing all the work so I could sit down and eat. You can do all the rest of it now, too."


Actually, all he did was put down salt. I know, because my middle sister is the one who snowblowed (snowblew?) it.

Jenny K

I'm sorry, am I supposed to provide you with detailed descritptions of what I've done - just on the off chance you assume I'm a hypocrite? The fact that I said that it annoys me (or, you know, when I point out all the physical labor I do) doesn't suggest that I've done something - at least to the point that you can bother to ask me politely rather than in an accusatory manner?

I'm barely five feet. Getting anything above the fourth shelf in receiving requires a stepstool, at the least, a full out ladder if it's way in the back. So, yeah, I ask people taller than me for favors sometimes, and it does tend to be guys - mostly cause it's guys that work in receiving (not my decision) not because the only people who are taller than me are guys. Hell, I have female customers who offer to help me reach books from the top shelf on the bookfloor.

I'm not quite sure how this is like only expecting that only women do "women's work" or that only men do physical labor. Seems to me it's more like when they turn around and ask for help finding a book in my section just because I'll be able to find it faster than they will. But silly, me, I've obviously been confused by all the feminists rants I've been reading lately.

Robert C

In my (large extended)family the men couldn't even go in the kitchen and help if they wanted to. They would get chased out. The women never wanted the men to do anything in the house, that was the women's territory. The men were more or less required to sit in the den and watch TV and stay out of the way. Unless there was a dirty outdoor job. The men were allowed to do dirty outdoor jobs, but only under a woman's supervision.

This allowed the women to get all the credit for the holidays while complaining how useless the men were. The women wouldn't give up that up for anything.


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