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December 12, 2005



Hugo--I'd like to see you blog about Cory Maye, a man on death row in MS for shooting a police officer who raided his home, in the middle of the night, without a proper warrant. I think that he really IS innocent, but it hasn't gotten much attention outside of the blogosphere. We need to to get people writing to Gov. Barbour!

Kevin T. Keith

I have a little ritual that I go through whenever California executes someone.

Are you familiar with The Living Theater? They have a play called "Not in My Name" which they stage in Times Square, New York, every night there is a scheduled execution somewhere in the US. They have trained others to perform it elsewhere. The play comments on the nature of state-sponsored execution and the endlessness of vengeance; at one point the actors each approach an audience member and vow: "I give you my word that I will never kill you. Will you promise me the same?"


Thanks, Snowe, for the suggestion -- I'll read more about it.

Kevin, I'm not familiar -- but the premise sounds intriguing, and if done right, moving.


I'd recommend reading the clemency denial in full. It doesn't sound all that politically calculated to me; it's just a summary of what a crummy candidate for clemency Williams really is. If the Governor felt otherwise, I have little doubt he would have granted clemency. Politically, his goose appears to be cooked anyway, so why not? It's not as though he has no backup career if this politics thing doesn't work out.

Chris T.

I absolutely loved Good Night, and Good Luck and I'm planning to see Syriana tonight. You thought Syriana was better? That bodes well for the evening. :-)

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