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October 21, 2005


The Gonzman

Let's Rephrase, Hugo:

On Aug. 6--as flags emblazoned with the words "The Right to Rule With Strength" flew from the old palace that houses city hall--Mayor Garzon appointed the men to all 20 of the minor mayor posts.

In the last administration, six of Bogota's minor mayors were women. But this time the mayor--who says he wants to clean up corruption--decided to appoint only men to the posts. For an explanation he cites a pro-man bias. He says men have a reputation as cost-effective and efficient administrators and that men will be more honest in assessing public bids for city contracts.

"Regarding bids, men inspire confidence," Garzon told El Tiempo, Colombia's main daily. "They make up almost 50 percent of the Colombian population and they are not likely to be moved by sentimental tendancies."

Still jiggy with it?

Consider the following statements:

1. I'm going to vote for candidate X because he's Black, and I am too.
2. I'm going to vote for candidate X because she's Latino, and I am too.
3. I'm going to vote for candidate X because he's male, and I am too.
4. I'm going to vote for candidate X because he's white, and I am too.
5. I'm going to vote for candidate X because she's female, and I am too.
6. I'm going to vote for candidate X because he's Black, and I am too.
7. I'm going to vote for candidate X, because she's a Nazi, and I am too.

Pretty sobering, Doc, once you realize that statement seven has the best reason given for voting for said candidate. In fact, it's the only one that has any real reason at all, to wit: "I'm going to vote for a candidate because they share my values."


Okay, first I have to say...Hugo, you're just too funny. I almost spit coffee when I got to your butt building revelation.

I have to agree with The Gonzman. As a professional, I don't want to be hired because I'm a woman, or Latino, or 5ft tall, or whatever...I want to be hired because I am the best person for the job. I think it is a disservice to all professional women (well, heck, to all women… well, cripes, all people!) when hiring takes place because there are quotas or it's trendy or "studies show." Maybe it's my own perceptive filter but I hear, we are considering only women because if the application process were open, women couldn't compete.


I agree, Coffee...

Clitorises, backsides...what's this blog coming to?



I'd like to get bent out of shape over women being given all these posts, but I just can't. Seems to me that people in power understand their (class) interests, regardless of race, color, creed or gender, and act to keep their own power at the expense of the rest of us.

Who knows, maybe with more women in office, they will not let other women get away with the usual games? It's always been the Joe (VAWA) Bidens of the world who have given men the hardest times!

LaT Dude


Have you considered penis enlargement for your short and thin penis? It would help you please women sexually and gain confidence so you wouldn't need to be so much of a feminist. You would actually be a man with a larger penis.

LaT Dude


I saw that someone else posted about how you're only 5'2". On top of that you have a tiny penis. Tough break man. I hope you consider penis enlargement and increasing your height. You will function and look better for it.

LaT Dude


Here is something to inspire you on the road of increasing your height and enlarging your penis.

I just got back from a vacation in Australia. I met several 6 foot tall blond amazon women with big boobs who were the horniest women I have ever met in my life. I had the best sex in my life with these women. If I hadn't been 6'5" and hadn't had a large 10 inch penis, then I wouldn't have had this opportunity.

While you will never be as big as me, Hugo, don't let being tiny stop you from fixing the fact you are tiny.


LaT Dude, why don't you stop posting and get back to your middle school homework?


Just curious Hugo. Do you ever worry about civil unrest and the various guerilla groups in country. You are constantly hearing about kidnappings and such in Columbia all the time. Americans seem to fetch a premium price on the kidnapping market there..

I always enjoy latin america.. the culture shock I receive is always so enlightening. Always makes me appreciate more the things we take for granted here in the states.

I admit I'd be spooked in Columbia. Venezuella was enough for me.


I, too, grit my teeth whenever some moron hires women because they're more honest, or more capable, or whatever. It's just saying "I have stereotypical and bigoted views about women, but mostly they're positive ones."


"I can report, happily, that all the time on the bike recently has begun to slowly "build my butt." I have a stereotypical "white man's backside", the sort that lean dudes are prone to, and the running hasn't helped it. Biking does. No one will ever say that "Hugo got back", but my Trek and I are helping make things a little less flat back there."
Umm, thanks for sharing...
Seriously, if building the butt is what you want then either a stairclimbing machine of some kind (or actual stairs) or lunges are the ways to go. Also, any kind of martial arts training will build up the butt quite nicely (I have an old friend who's been doing kung fu since he was 5 who has the best butt I've ever laid eyes on - seriously, it should be on display in a museum. There's my contribution to the TMI column).
Now on the more serious issue raised in this post...hiring people on the basis of what stereotypes suggest their strengths may be is always a bad idea. The thing with the idea that female politicians will naturally be more nurturing than male politicians is that the female politician in question may turn out to be Margaret Thatcher, or Indira Ghandi. Just one more example of why it's generally not a great idea to rely on stereotypes when making judgements about a person's competence to perform any particular job.

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