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October 27, 2005



0/10 with ten strikeouts, my friend. I suppose I'll concede #1 has it's mild charms, but the rest... In the interests of fair play and full disclosure, for a brief period in my teens I considered "Where the Children Cry" by White Lion one of my favorite songs.


Speaking of reliving one's musical youth - I just got back from the Anthrax concert.


Hugo, please do yourself a favour and download the original Slade version of Cum On Feel The Noize - vastly superior to the rather tragic imitation by QR... ;)

All in all, a pretty tragic indictment on your record collection circa The 80s, sir... ;)

Russell Arben Fox

Why is admitting you liked Rush painful? Moving Pictures is a great album. (Though I suppose if I did a list like this, it would be equally weird and equally weird and embarassing...)


Steve, I have heard the Slade version, and it just doesn't do it for me....

And there's something, Russell, about Rush that today strikes me as so stunningly pretentious -- the insistence that they were creating meaningful art rock seems a bit too shrill.


I so have Holy Diver stuck in my head now, which means that in a minute, Jackyl's "I Stand Alone" will end up in there, too. Grr.

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