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September 15, 2005



Hang in there Hugo! I'm not a *real* athlete myself, just someone who likes to be active, and I'm struggling with my knees right now, so I just wanted to say, I know how frustrating it is and you have my sympathy. In a way, it's like being betrayed by your own body, at least that's how it feels to me. Here I am doing everything I can to make it function at its peak, and here it decides to malfuction and hurt?! GRRR!

I hope you feel better soon, and the dr says you don't need anything more than some rest.

PS - I had to switch to swimming, probably permanently, and at first I resented it (wanted to do my pre-injury activities), but now swimming is the highlight of my day.


Welcome to the club of physical dependency Hugo. It might teach you a little about how the other half lives! :-)


John, if it humbles me, that's all to the good, I suppose!

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