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September 16, 2005



Life magazine photographed a young Cassius Clay shodowboxing in neck-deep water circa 1960. (Though, for those who really know the story, he later admitted that this was not a regular part of his workout and he did it as a publicity stunt.)


I did some "aqua jogging" when I was in recovery from a stress fracture after my first half marathon. Aside from the fact that I found it mind numbingly boring, it was a good workout. (I found a waterproof radio to hook onto my goggles, which helped!) It was also possible to really vary the motions to localize different muscle groups. The aqua aerobics probably helps with the boredom issue and makes it a better overall workout. Good luck!


Ha! The same thing happened to me not two days ago. I had an hour to work out, and an aqua aerobics class was bumped forward into my swim time. I could either not work out or join in. The three grandmother-aged women there looked anything but athletic. But it was pretty good! I could really control the level of exertion--and it was non-impact. But let's get to the point: I don't think your embarrassment is solely a gender issue--though I imagine being a guy magnified it. I was mortified when a few athletic-looking guys came in and out while waiting for lap swim. I thought, "they must think I'm such a pansy, doing water aerobics."

But the quality of the workout might just lure me back anyway. And I agree with IT about variety--I think I'll learn some good moves for my own workouts. Although I'll be self-conscious doing something other than lap swim, even on my own. We're such proud creatures, aren't we?


oh, and p.s. - I don't think it was such a bad thing to explain to the guy why you were participating. Might help open new horizons to him. Kudos for being sensitive to the unintended message of your defensiveness, but it probably affected him for good.

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