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July 25, 2005


sarah irene

Hurrah indeed. I took a seminar with David last year, and really respect him as a feminist scholar. Men should be able to teach in Women Studies just as male students whould be able to take the classes -- the more people (male or female) who are committed to speaking out about the universally debilitating effects of a patriarchal system, the better.


I'm delighted to hear from one of his students; it validates everything we've read and heard about him. Thanks.


WHAT "patriarchal system"?

There is NO such thing. It is a politically motivated fantasy.

Please start living in the real world. PLEASE!!!


David Allen is not the only one. there is Dan Moshenberg heading the George Washington University dept. of women's studies and John D'Emilio at U. of Illinois-Chicago, who has since resigned from his position.


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