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July 27, 2005



Hugo, you're right on the money that a virgin is no better than anyone else because of the myriad ways in which we sin. None of us are pure.

At the same time, however, marriage is a symbol of Christ and the Church. I think that in that analogy, we do see virginity exalted: Jesus was totally pure in wooing His bride, the Church, even though the Church is spotted and stained with many lovers. So while every human being is guilty of sinning before God, virginity is still a model upheld for us. With the picture of Christ and the Church that Scripture gives us, even though we are sinners, how can God's desire for us be any less than waiting until marriage?

Peace of Christ,


You're offering a very balanced view. The problem is, people have to be okay with themselves before they can be okay with someone else. I believe every act of judgment against another person is really a judgment against yourself - your way of coping with your own insecurities and inadequacies. And I say that as someone who used to be very judgmental, and still catches herself thinking that way frequently. (The difference is, now when I start to judge someone, I almost always remember to ask myself what it is about me that I'm really judging.)


The issue is not whether disapproval is placed on premarital sex, but rather how some people place a weight on it that is entirely out of proportion with the "offense".

Should we all aim for the highest standards? Oh yes.

Are we all going to miss? Well, pretty much.

And there's lots worse sins out there than sex. Lots.

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