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May 03, 2005



Well, Hugo, you *could* blog about your opinion of CPT's Adopt-A-Detainee program. Yesterday, Gene Stoltzfus spoke at Austin Mennonite Church. I was very impressed by him.

Mr. Bad

Hugo wrote: "Is getting tired of answering the same question the same as lack of courage?"

No, but what you did - or rather did not do - was IMO cowardly. Rather than refer me to your previous missives you remained quiet; all you had to do to respond was write the one sentence that you wrote here in this thread. However, all I heard from you was, as La Lubu would say, "the sound of chirping crickets."

Yes Hugo, your silence in that context was cowardly

And as others have observed, you employ double-standards when censoring strong, uncomfortable language and/or arguments (or as you might call it, "unpleasantness"). Are you really that unsure and tentative on your convictions that you have to use censorship and spin to make your arguments convincing?


Actually, Mr. Bad, though I don't think I "censor" much beyond profanity and insults, I am "unsure and tentative" much of the time. Heck, it's what sets this blog apart from so many others out there. I don't have the certainty that many of my fellow bloggers seem to possess.


Mr.Bad: I can testify that Hugo has, in the past, admonished persons of various persuasions about the tone and/or language of their posts. His is one of the more civil blogs out there, where controversial topics are concerned. That's why I keep hanging around.


It's kinda like working with kids. Sometimes you let things go a bit to see if they get worked out on their own, and sometimes you have to step in and pull them back to what they're supposed to be doing.

Mr. Bad

Hugo, when it comes right down to it, I don't have any strong objections to your censorship - it's your blog after all. The only thing I have objections to is the double-standards you employ: You hold men (and non-feminists in general) to a higher standard vis-a-vis decorum and collegiality than you do feminists, and similarly, you allow feiminsts to get away with a lot more frequent and severe insults and profanity than you do non-feminists.

Like I said, it's your blog and you can do as you please, but that doesn't mean that we don't notice the hypocrasy of the double-standards.

And I agree with stanton that this is a fairly decent blog, partcularly considering it's a feminist space. For the most part, my experience with feminist spaces has been that they're heavily censored, akin to the most strident propaganda and/or hardcore neo-religious sites on the web. This place is truly the exception to the rule, and for that Hugo I admire and thank you.


Thanks, Mr. B. I've always strived to be one of those "hardcore neo-religious sites", but I'm too plagued by ambivalence to pull it off...

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